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Autorekry Profile

The Autorekry profile is a self-assessment system, the development of which has aimed for speed, lightness and mobile usability. However, in such a way that the accuracy and relevance of the results do not suffer.

Autorekry Profile is developed by Finns in Finland for Finns, unlike almost all other similar systems (usually USA or Great Britain). We observe and report the differences of normal people in their lives – also in their working lives. We do not measure acquired knowledge, competences or skills, and we do not evaluate person’s intelligence. We also do not look for or report ”abnormalities”.

More information

We observed 7 personality traits, 4 of which are related to character traits and 3 to internal motives. These traits are present and visible everywhere in our lives. There are no better or worse traits, there are different people with different traits.

The development of the concept behind the Autorekry Profile has already started in 2010. The system’s designers have previously implemented seven systems of the same type with over 100,000 Finnish users.

Unlike many ”boxing” systems, Autorekry Profile is completely statistical. Our heterogeneous control sample currently comprises 9,505 Finnish-language personal profiles. Our reporting system distinguishes 3456 different combinations of features.

Our IT system makes innovative use of self-learning made possible by modern technology and e.g. vector calculus. With the help of these, it is possible to get relevant results with a relatively small number of mapping claims. Thus, Autorekry Profile is perhaps the most modern fully digital self-assessment system of the 2020s.

After performing the analysis, the applicant immediately receives a summary of his own profile. Autorekry’s professionals go through the profile with the applicant personally. Thus, the applicant learns to recognize his own character traits and motives.

Included in direct search assignments

We make a comprehensive personal presentation for the employer based on the interview and the analysis. The Autorekry Profile is included in direct search assignments. Autorekry Profile can also be included in other assignments or, for example, can be purchased as an individual personal assessment to support your own decision-making.