Autorekry is Finland’s first and only company specializing in recruitment and direct searches in the automotive industry

Finland’s first ja only
years of experience
10 000+
Autorekry connects the professionals of the automotive industry
Autorekry Oy is part of the KED Finland group. KED Finland is a company founded in 2014 that specializes in the development of organizations and personnel in the automotive industry. We have in total more than 100 years of experience in the automotive industry, and all the know-how acquired during these years is at your disposal.

Anyone who has worked in the automotive industry knows that finding the right people is perhaps the most important part of a company’s success. Finding the right people is an ongoing process that requires constant work and money. Autorekry Oy was founded to meet this need. Autorekry specializes in assignments, personnel leasing, direct searches and trainee programs in the automotive industry and closely related fields.