Autorekry services for the needs of the automotive industry

Autorekry’s mission is to unite the automotive industry. To support this mission, we have developed Autorekry products. The services have been developed to serve both employers and job seekers. All our services can always be customized individually to meet the needs of you or the company you represent.

Autorekry Gate is recruiting training fro special tasks in the automotive industry. All training courses are tailored to meet the future jobs in the automotive industry. All trainings are organized in cooperation with the best trainers and leading players in the field.  Read more from Autorekry Gate page.

Autorekry Lane is Finland’s first and only auto recruitment bank. Read more from Autorekry Lane page.

Autorekry Profile is a self-assessment system, the development of which has aimed for speed, lightness and mobile usability. However, in such a way that the accuracy and relevance of the results do not suffer. Read more from Autorekry Profile page.

In addition to the aforementioned products, Autorekry’s services include all functions related to garage personnel and personnel resources. Such as, for example, Tenants, Trainee programs, Staff training and retraining, and change coaching. So feel free to get in touch and let’s see how we can help you or the company you represent in your current situation.